Thursday, 2 January 2014

Three new levels from Scarybiscuit

Scarybiscuit has published not one, not two but three new levels recently . Is there any stopping the LBPV creating machine ? You can check out and queue them all below .

Wood of Wonder ( Cave of Wonders part 2 )

Welcome to enchanting wood, travel through the woods and travel by flower, in this graphically rich platformer. Thanks ges to tabycatmeow for the music, and smartysloan, legopig and madberty23 for playtests.

A cartoon platformer adventure taken on, the green eyed monsters in this retro style game.

Take the streets and blast your way through zombie hordes or find a car and take a ride. Freeroaming shooter in a top down view. Beta version still working on this.

( No images available for this level ) 

CHUG by Peoriaspitfire

CHUG, CHUG, CHUG. Ladder and ledge climb your way to massive points. Be careful what you CHUG and see if you can find all of the Easter Eggs and surprises to get the high score! -----> Special thanks to @OMGYOUWOULDand @GHOST_CREATORS. -----> Some MUSIC by @MastaBlastya. Additional thanks to @Breezy-The-Profor some fonts and @comphermc for tutorials. -----> Follow me on Twitter @peoriaspitfire to see what I'm working on next.

Let me start off by wishing you all a very happy new year from all the Ghost Creators . If you follow us on Twitter you will know that apart from it being new years day yesterday, it was also #CHUGDay . What better way to start 2014 than with one of the biggest levels any of our members has ever produced . 

Peoriaspitfire followed up on last years AQUA-Fried with an even bigger project . 
This time Spitfire take the action urban. CHUG is definitely one not to be missed.

CHUG Features . . .
  • FIVE playable levels
  • Strategy Guide
  • CHUG Hub
  • Ledge Climbing
  • Ladder Climbing
  • Skateboarding
  • Secret Basketball Court
  • Incredibly Detailed Sets
  • Urban Theme
  • High Score Challenge ( Win a PSN card if you can claim top spot on the leader board )

Can you find everything ?

Skateboarding in CHUG

Ladder climbing

Shooting hoops in CHUG


You can queue CHUG up here

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Intensify - Epic Tracks Audio by RickRock_777

Intensify - Epic Tracks Audio by RickRock_777

Epic Tracks Audio debut Gallery. What drama might sound like, if it were music. Composed for the discerning ear! Collectable to spice up your levels, if you're looking for originality, depth, audio complexity & dimension. Several genres are showcased here, & I hope you find something fitting. All rights reserved, so please credit appropriately! Integrity & honor breeds champions! Aspire, & rise above mediocrity to a higher calling! DREAM LARGE! DREAM OFTEN!

RickRock_777 returns with his second musical gallery, but first under the Epic Tracks Audio label . This gallery features a number of tracks split into various groups. Anyone who has heard Rick's music before will know what to expect . His music is deep ,  sometimes dark , but always unique . 

The Abandoned Sawmill by Z1091990

The Abandoned Sawmill by Z1091990

::[ 1 P L A Y E R ] :: [ D I F F I C U L T : H A R D ]:: Have you ever seen the rustiest place in whole craftworld? No?! Then Welcome to the abandoned Sawmill... :[ N O T E ]: you can collect some special bubbles to get higher score... [ M E D I U M : S I Z E ] 5x ( 20 bubbles ) [ B I G : S I Z E ] 10x ( 45 bubbles ) Ambiance Music by Bigsurf77...

Z1091990 returns with yet another level determined to kill you in more and more elaborate ways. Famed for his ingenious contraptions, Z's Abandoned Sawmill doesn't disappoint. 
This is definitely one not to be missed. 

Friday, 27 December 2013

Introducing Peoriaspitfire


To celebrate the release of CHUG we're back with another Ghost Creators " Introducing " interview . So sit back as we delve into the mind of one of LBP's most talented visual creators .

Some creators can knock off a level in a week, others will spend ten times that working on a single scene . I think it's safe to say that peoriaspitfire falls into the later bracket . Blessed ( or cursed as the case may be ) with an obsessive eye for detail, Spitfire is the very definition of  " quality over quantity "

Creator name: 
John is my birth name, but I’ll also answer to various other insults.  
Creator Age: 
Older than Pong.  That stings a bit, but it is what it is…

1  (Peoria, Illinois - USA)
peoriaspitfire  (Peoria comes from my home town and Spitfire comes from years skateboarding and it’s been my PSN since the first Playstation.  I can remember the days running cat5 cable like 50+ feet from my upstairs to the main level just to play online.  I think back on those days I was playing a lot of Madden or FIFA.  Tomb Raider was also one of my staples.)
@peoriaspitfire (Follow me if you want to see what I’m working on next.   I try to follow as many LBP creators as possible and I always love to see what everyone is working on.  In fact the majority of levels I play these days often get queued from a link on twitter.  Please feel free to tweet me if you ever want feedback, help testing, etc. with your latest creation.)

Published Levels:
Multi Death Hurdles
Afro Troll
I actually stopped playing LBP1 for a long time after one of my son’s friends deleted my profile and wiped out all the LBP levels I had been working on.  It was devastating to lose so much work and I just stopped playing.  Nowadays, I back up my profile often to a USB and highly recommend everyone else do the same.  That profile wipe also deleted my progress on Red Dead Redemption which I had almost finished.  I’ve still never finished that, ugh!  I guess there are several games that I haven’t finished because of LBP!


I’ve probably been through at least three LBP2 discs and now use a digital copy.
There was a time that my disc(s)/PS3 were so corrupt that it would often take 15-30 minutes to just get them to boot up after several PS3 freezes.  Once the game would finally boot up, I never knew what in game text would be visible.  Often times I would try to tweak a setting and all the numbers and settings were garbled, so I would have to do it all by memory or trial and error.  At that point, I was really close to quitting again out of frustration.  However, I loved the game too much to quit a second time.  Luckily, once I downloaded the digital version it fixed all my issues!     
Ka-BoomBasketball (My first LB2 level)
          MashUp Room
          AQUA-FRIED Lite (The 10 minuteversion of AQUA-FRIED)
          CHUG – (LBPC Eye Candy)
145 (almost all in this year (previous 3 years combined, I think I had like 30 total) 
I just made my first two lists.  There a ton of levels that still need added to my Spit’s Picks, but I currently don’t have the time right now to go find them all.  Volume 1 is my start and I’m guessing I could have 5-10 volumes when I’m all done!  I would still like to make an LBP1 list and a list of my favorite Ghost Creator levels.
Spit’sPicks – Volume 1:
Spit’sTop 5 LBPC Eye Candies:

Okay, lets get into this then. Lets go right back to the beginning. Can you tell us
about your first LBP memory?
While browsing one of my son’s gaming magazines and before LBP was out, I noticed a 
small blip about it and the ability to create that it offered.  I was immediately intrigued
and ended up buying it the first day.

And what was it that first hooked you on LBP.

First and foremost it was the ability to create, but the art style also helped seal the

Can you tell us about the first level you ever published?

That’s a great question.  I’m not sure I can exactly recall what I first published, but I’m
positive it must have had something to do with grabbing a sponge and probably only
lived a few days before I deleted it!  My “first” published level that still exists is called 
“Golden Acorn.”  The story revolves around finding the golden acorn, which doesn’t 
happen until you defeat a mech squirrel at the end of the level.  

How have you improved as a creator since those early days?

This might sound weird, but I improved the most by simply not caring about plays and 
my create speed.  I’m a slow creator for several reasons, but the biggest one is having 
limited time to create due to my real life obligations (wife, kids and work!).  I also tend 
to rework various scenes to death and then I’ll often delete them and start over!

What would you say was your best moment in LBP to date?

I didn’t know it at the time, but it was an LBP Community Meetup in St.Louis, MO back 
in the summer of 2011 (fact check needed).  It was here that I got to meet a few MM 
and LBP icons, along with some other awesome community creators. 

I had just recently joined the LBPC fan site and that’s where I saw the LBP Community 
Meetup announcement and decided it might be a good father/son trip since we were 
both into games and it was so close.  I think the very first people my son and I met 
that day were Spaff, Confused Cartman and Comphermc and we had absolutely no 
clue who they were!  Obviously, I wasn’t very knowledgeable about the community 

This was also a bad moment for me too, because I ended up being sick most of the 
weekend and didn’t get much time to connect with all the super stars in attendance.  I 
really wish someone would organize another meetup, because I think it’s a great 
opportunity to cement new friendships in the flesh. 

LBPC Eye Candy - CHUG

I think I know the answer to this question before I even ask it but we'll go with
it anyway. If you could change one thing about LBP what would it be?


Ha Ha, I knew it! Okay, moving on. What would you say are your strengths and
weaknesses as a creator?

I’m full of so many weaknesses, that listing them all would make my fingers bleed 
trying to type them all.  My strengths are few, but one might be my attention to detail 
every once and awhile.  Now that I think about that more, my attention to detail is 
actually a weakness, since it often complicates my ability to get things completed in a 
timely manner and destroys my thermo and makes my cranky.  Note to self…drop the 
detail for 2014.

If you could improve just one aspect of your creating what would it be

Improving only one thing is a tough choice, but if you are holding a knife to my throat 
then I’ll have to go with gameplay.  Generally, I would much rather make sets all day 
than come up with gameplay.

Can you tell us about some of your influences outside of LBP. What inspires

I’m easily influenced by air and inspired by tofu.  Air allows me to breathe and Tofu has 
so many uses that it makes my mind dizzy just contemplating them all.  Outside of 
LBP, I actually get inspired by things as small as a rainbow on an oil stain or a crack in 
the cement.  There really is no limit to inspiration when you set your mind free.  Inside 
of LBP, I’m inspired by all the great people in the community who never ceases to 
amaze me at how talented and wonderful they can be.  As a kid I always thought it 
would be cool to have a pin pal in another country and with LBP, I think I know have 

Creating style is something that has always interested me. Every creator has 
one. If I may be so bold, I would suggest that yours is one of immense 
attention to detail coupled with the joy of hiding secrets all throughout your 
sets for the player to find. A powerful combination indeed. Where did this come 

First of all, secrets are just fun to do!  Growing up as a kid I always remember how 
gratifying it was to find a secret/Easter egg and feel like part of an elite group of players 
and then also be able to brag about it to your friends.  The secrets in my levels are 
rewards for the players who enjoy exploring and usually give them insane points which 
help put their names at our near the top of the leader board.  As I think about this 
more, I think my early Tomb Raider days might have had something to do with this. 

As for detail, it’s LBP and I think we all understand most of the limitations it presents.  I 
guess I’m a sucker for a challenge and I really think it is LBP’s limitations that I keep 
encountering that keep me coming back for more.  It’s like a game within a game and 
I’m battling LBP create mode and thermo to one up it and eventually beat it, only it 
can’t be beat…yet! 

Countless times, I have grand visions of what I want to do and then I open my pop-it, 
take some cardboard material out and then begin to cry.  Eventually, I man up and 
start battling the thermo.  My real problem tends to be the fact that I have a hard time 
leaving anything alone.  I’m sure there are several medical diagnoses for me, but here 
is how it generally goes for me in create mode: 

Day 1 - I create a section that makes me somewhat happy
Day 2 - I tweak the section and add more detail
Day 3 - I hate the section, delete it and rebuild it from scratch
Day 4 - I tweak it and add more detail
Day 5 - The section yells at me because it’s too complicated and I rework it all again
Day 6 - While testing, I add more detail
Day 7 - I find that my new section has destroyed my thermo and now I need to decide to dumb it down, use emit/destroy, make a level link, or scrap the section and leave it sitting on my moon to die

What does being a member of the Ghost Creators mean to you?

The best thing is the Ghost Creator sticker!  Seriously, it means a lot to me to be 
recognized by my peers and to be part of such a diverse group of talented individuals.  
I’m truly humbled by my inclusion and can’t think of a better group to be recognized by. 

Tell us about some of your levels. 

Like a lot of others, most of the work I do never makes it off my moon. I have quite
few concepts and ideas in various stages of development stashed away, but more 
likely than not, they’ll never be completed.  This year I’ve tried to put a focus on my 
environments and creating an atmosphere that engulfs the player.  I started this with 
my AQUA-FRIED level, which is actually quite long.  It’s really four levels long and packs 
about 2-4 thermos in each level using the emit/destroy technique.  Unfortunately, my 
creating style can cause lag for some players and that does sadden me.  I know to limit 
that issue, I’ll have to change my focus to a simpler and smarter approach and that will 
be my goal for 2014.

IRISHmph says...
Me and my entire family sleep under my bed!! "

Pickled-Punk says...

" Atmospheric adventure on wasted earth, staying alive while being hunted by completely despicable aliens. Incredible terrain, great SFX, and probably more collectibles then any other lbp-level in existence. A fantastic experience. "

Drunkenfist_Lee says...

" Excellent! Love the extreme level of detail you put into everything. Looks great! The impressive quantity of secrets scattered about is awesome. Great work, man. "

Shropshire-lass says...

" Short but sweet - I enjoyed this lite version very much. You've managed to make it more accessible while keeping the essence of the original. Great job. And I STILL haven't found the shark, lol! "

Greensmurfy says...

" Sometimes you can tell a level is going to be great in the first minute. This is one of them. Beautiful intro. The environment is awesome and the gameplay very creative. I was pretty proud of myself for finding the pink stars lol. "

Tell us about some creators you particularly admire. 

Unfortunately, a couple of creators that I admire/inspire me aren’t active on LBP much anymore.

I really admire Stellakris for his build process and patience with it.  Through Twitter, it 
was always awesome to read and see about the progress of his Craftworld Aleste クラフトワールドアレスタ  level.  I always looked forward to seeing another mouthwatering 
screen shot and update on his progress.  Watching him work through his build process 
really helped me feel better about not trying to rush the development of my own 

Luos_83 is another creator who’s been MIA for awhile now, although the LBPC Eye Candy brought him out of hiding for a few minutes recently.  I really admire the attention to detail that Luos_83 put in his levels.  One of my favorite levels by him is still [Beta][1P game] Lockpick's Maze , but Shady Functions and his Reh'Tahl series are all pretty darn awesome too.  The other thing I’ve learned, again through twitter, is that Luos_83 and Stellakris seem like genuine nice people and to me that’s admirable.

Another creator you might have heard of before is Comphermc . I really admire his ability to seemingly tackle anything in LBP and be successful.  His levels always wow me, because they seem so perfectly balanced and polished.  It seems like he always has just the right amount of story, visuals, gameplay and something new to add to LBP.  I also liked the fact that he would make hard levels for those of us who enjoy a challenge.  His tutorial work on LittleBigPlanetorials is the icing on the cake and they still come in handy to this day!

Mnniska is another creator who I instantly fell in love with because of his art style and sense of humor.  I really gravitate towards creators and artists in general who have their own unique style and presentation and aren’t afraid to express themselves.  Mnniska used to have an old YouTube series called Speed Create where we got to see him create levels in a sped up fashion and the best news is that I hear they might be making a comeback!!!  It’s always great getting a glimpse inside of the Mind of Mnniska. 

Besides all my Ghost Creator friends, a few other creators that I also admire or inspire me are Aratiatia, Fabio71, shookie_monster, ITARBOYI, Nick930930, RtooDee2, tevlon1, TOBSn08, LIGhTmAre, Jester946, SlurmMacKenzie, BobTox, Jplusk, Holguin86, Fotosynthesis1, c_mckamey, julesyjules, lordwarblade, Hammertoe_1, Festerd_Jester, Just_Tom__, Alley_Cat_8633 and the machines known as steve_big_guns and yu-kamone. 

Lastly, I have to say there are hundreds of other creators that I haven’t listed that I also do admire or inspire me.  Because I spend so much of my LBP time fiddling around in create mode, I don’t often meet many players or play as many levels as I would like.  I look forward to meeting more of you and playing your levels in the coming year. 

And some of your favorite levels.

Well this is just about the most impossible question ever.  I have so many favorite 
levels that I can’t even recall them all.  I just started my very first list: Spit’s Picks -
Volume 1 and it’s far from complete.  What I can do is list a few of my most recent 

The last level I played that knocked my socks off was The Abandoned Sawmill By
Z1091990. The overall ambiance and gameplay just worked well for me. Z made the
rust look better than diamonds and the gameplay ran circles around anything I could
dream up.

Another level that has some jaw dropping moments is Technologic.  A few 
of the robots were just sick in a good way and it had some real unexpected moments
that kept you on your toes and made you smile throughout.

My Companion Bomb , I Love My Companion Bomb 2  , I Love My Pumpkin by shookie_monster are just plain awesome if you like a to teeter between joy and a sweaty, controller breaking, rage hell.  I highly recommend these levels for those of you who like a challenge and have “completion disease.”   

+2000 EMITTERS by yenahc1962 is an example of someone with incredible patience and stamina. I think I would have gone mental after about 100 emitters. This one might not be for everyone, but I hope you can at least admire the work that must have gone into this.

Some great levels there. I have never heard of the last one but will have to check it out. 

Do you play any other LBP games?


My son and I share a Vita, but I have yet to open up LBP create mode on it.  I really did enjoy the story mode and all of the create possibilities I read about do seem intriguing.  For some reason I just can’t get my head/hands around creating on something so small.  I keep saying to myself that I should give it a try, but right now all it does is act like an expensive door stop.  At the very least, I should go play everyone else’s awesome levels. 


I had a lot of fun building a track in the beta, but that was it.  In the end, create mode was just too cumbersome to give it too much effort and I quickly settled back into LBP2 create.  The potential and ideas are there, but it still needs several tweaks before it would get another look from me.

Anyone who follows you on Twitter can’t help to have spotted some of awesome screenshots you've been posting for what seems like months now. Without spoiling any possible surprises you have in store for us, is there anything you would like to share about this upcoming project of yours?

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I’m about to release CHUG in January, 2014.  With CHUG, I wanted to continue my exploration of creating rich environments and atmosphere that engulf the player.  I also wanted to challenge myself to create scenery very different than AQUA-FRIED and that’s how the urban-themed level CHUG was born.  Due to the major pain in the rear end it is to work with complex scenes and the emit/destroy, I wanted to stay away from using that technique in CHUG.  I also wanted to create a more non-liner level which required some back tracking to complete, which also doesn’t lend itself well to emit/destroy.  I found out early on in development that keeping this thing small and in scope was once again going to be difficult to do.  Without giving away too much, CHUG is quite the hog and actually takes up six levels on my planet! 

Skateboarding in CHUG

shooting some hoops in CHUG

One of the big things I learned from AQUA-FRIED is that people would play the first couple of levels and generally leave yeas, hearts and positive feedback, but would not make it to the later levels or boss and thus did not get to see a lot of the work.  I was never quite sure if this was due to difficulty, length, lag, other or combination of all.  With CHUG, I start the player in a HUB and give them access to all the sub levels right from the start.  I did this for two big reasons.  First, it gives the player who gets stuck on a particular level, the opportunity to skip it and start on the next one if they still want to continue the experience.  Second, I’m having a CHUG High Score Challenge with this level and this will give those players a chance to start anywhere and practice/explore a specific a level without having to play through from the beginning.  To get the high score though, you’ll have to start from the beginning and play through all the levels and collect as many coins, bottles and Easter eggs as you can.  There are a couple of pretty big bonus secrets to be had that you’ll probably also need to get if you want the high score.  One is a hidden “Shark ttack” and the other is a complete “Basketball Hoops” section.  Are there more? 

Coin jump

You called on the services of one OMGYOUWOULD to help you with CHUG. What did he bring to the table?

OMGYOUWOULD is one talented mofo!  If you don’t know him, you should.  He is one cool cat who can do it all from design to music and without his help, CHUG simply wouldn’t have enough urban-pop.  I owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude for helping me with most of the graffiti tags in CHUG.  Currently he’s working on some dope hip-hop music that I hope he can get hammered out in time for the release.  Even if he doesn’t, much respect! 

CHUG set
CHUG set

I also want to thank comphermc and many others for all the helpful tutorials I find online.  Shout out to Breezzythepro for the some of the fonts in my CHUG level. I also want to give a shout out to all the positive people I’ve met or will meet in LBP.  Overall, there are a lot of talented people who dabble in LBP and are specialists in certain areas both inside and outside of LBP.  I always wonder what if we could get the right group together, could we be successful outside of LBP making games or doing something else?

Apart from CHUG are you working on anything else at the moment?

I'll just leave this here...

Marmalade teaser...
FINALLY!! We get the first glimpse of your fabled silhouette level. ;)

Can you give us 3 tags that describe you best as a creator?

LBP tags?  Maybe Artistic, Sadistic and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. J

Lastly, is there anything else you would like to talk about?

If you ever pop into my pod, don’t be surprised if you see up to three sacks pissing 
their pants because you just joined.  I have triplet girls who just turned eight years old 
and they also love to play LBP on my account.  If you see sacks dressed as girls or 
animals, then it’s a good bet you found them and not me.  They have been playing LBP 
for years like their dad, so don’t be surprised if they can out platform you. J  You might 
also notice me from time to time hearting some very suspect community levels.  This 
might be me or it could be them… Let’s just say I don’t really like playing too many 
“Justin Bieber kills 1 Direction Shark Bomb survival Hideout on a boat with Real water” 

I would just like to thank Peoriaspitfire for taking the time to sit down and do this interview. 

All being well CHUG will be released on new years day so keep an eye out for it, I promise you you won't be disappointed.

Until next time, wishing you a happy Christmas and a creative 2014 .
 ( SpaceMonkey187 )